How to Make Money Using Free Websites, Free Website Builder (1:21)

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Make Money Using Free Websites, Free Website Builder

FREE Websites and how to monetize them.

Here are some ideas, but do check with your Free website provider, what is allowed and not allowed, before trying these ideas out.

1) If you have an existing business, you can list your current products and services online.

2) Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing, in short, is when you promote other people’s products and services for a commission using a unique code or identifier. Affiliate marketing has become the go-to passive revenue source for many people.

3) Start your own SaaS business. You can either build a SaaS from scratch, which will cost you somewhere between $1,000 to $10,000 on the low end, based on features and complexities, or, you can look for a SaaS white label solution, that is easy to manage and you can run without having a technical background, with option to scale and add features, as you grow your business.

4) There are many other ways to make money with FREE websites, but this is just a few. Let me know in the comment section below, how you make money on free website platforms.

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