How to Implement Video Ads in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Nearly 82% of global internet traffic will come from streaming videos and downloads. We are heading toward an era where the bulk of the content users consume on their platform of choice will be video. Preparing your #socialmedia #marketingstrategy accordingly will be key moving into the new year.

We outline 6 steps to take when implementing video in your social media strategy in this brief Q&A sessions.

· Step 1: Set your video marketing goals
· Step 2: Pick your platform
· Step 3: Pick your content
· Step 4: Plan your ads calendar
· Step 5: Create the content
· Step 6: Go live and analyze

As you continue to run video ads you will get a better sense for what sort of content resonates with customers at certain parts of the marketing funnel in your social media strategy.

Not to mention which platform performs the best. After a while you will have a handful of “champion” video ads that you can begin to try on other platforms. Maybe you started on Facebook and are curious if the same sort of video would be effective on Youtube. The best part is the content is already there!

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