How to Win the Minds and Hearts of your People? How Can You Add Value? How to Make Pakistan Better?

How to Win the Minds and Hearts of your People? How Can You Add Value? How to Make Pakistan Better? Shukar Alhamdulillah PAKISTAN for this Respect & Honor! How I Got a Remote Job Offer from (DUBAI) with a Monthly Salary of USD $3000 (Rs. 530,000) with my LinkedIn Profile SEO Optimization strategies?


How to Sell Online? How to Increase Online Sales? How to make Online Sales Strategies? How to Sell Online? How I made a Sales Strategy for Motorbike Tracker? How I Generated Online Sales of USD 36000 (Rs. 6,300,0000) in 1 Year with SEO? How to generate Online Sales with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies? How to do Online Sales with SEO in 7 Days?

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Shukar Alhamdulillah, UMER FAHEEM (MBA) is a Certified Digital Marketing Strategist, SEO Expert, Educator & Trainer, Digital Strategy Consultant, Full Stack Digital Marketer and MACP by Microsoft from USA, UK, Europe, Germany, Denmark, Pakistan, India & Global World.


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UMER possesses 7+ Years of Experience in Digital Marketing, SEO, Content, Social Media, Data Analysis, HR & Customer Service with 100% Success Record of increasing Search Rankings, Organic Search Presence, Web Traffic, Online Sales & Customer Service Experience.


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✔️ UMER is an MBA (Marketing) graduate from UMT with 4.00 GPA, Merit Scholarship, Dean Merit Award along with Appreciation Certificates & Letters from his Teachers/Mentors/Gurus & Company CEO’s.

UMER FAHEEM (MBA) is a Proud Pakistani Muslim who holds 600+ International Specializations in Digital Marketing from Google, Microsoft, Stanford University, University of California, Northwestern University, University of Salford, IBM, Macquarie University, University of Washington, University of Maryland, University of Illinois, University of New Mexico, State University of New York, Michigan University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Arizona State University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, IE Business School, University of London & London Business School, University of Sydney, IAB, HubSpot, SEMrush.

In a nutshell; “UMER FAHEEM is 100% self-made Digital Strategist”

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