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Create an enterprise-grade website with odoo super easy builders. Use finely designed building blocks and edit everything inline.
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Main Features:
1. Customize It Without Coding
2. Change To Your Own Brand And Website.
3. We Can Add Visitors As Customers
4. Extend Website With Lot Of Apps

1. Customize it without coding
Just drag & drop contents
Make a website, and then add features as you want. It acts as cms.

A Content Management System is a computer application will help you to manage and control the content on your website. Therefore, you do not need any technical training for managing or building a website. Using this cms system you can add contents very easily, erase images and edit text in your website.

2. Change to your own brand and website.
You will get a website that automatically adjusts to fit your brand and style concepts.

Branding is the must for business improvement. Odoo gives you the tools to achieve branding needs quickly.

3. We can add visitors to customers
Odoo SEO tools combine with Google to check the relevancy of your content in real time. Get more visitors with better-targeted content.

In the case of Search Engine Optimization in the Odoo system, it is very powerful to make it optimized to search engines. We don’t have to worry about technical 301 redirects like things done in most of the cases.

You can simply drag & drop call-to-actions to boost your conversion rates. Select the best call to action for all page, customize your forms, and add the pop-up on exits as you wish.

A/B testing helps to build the perfect website
A/B testing will send half of your site’s visitors to the original version (A) and half into test version (B)

then select the best one.
Small Changes becomes Big Wins
Decide what you’re going to d
The sentence you use, the color of the headlines and where you put the call-to-action can all have a big change in your bounce rate, your visits, and the conversions. With Odoo A/B testing, any element of your website can test easily!

Control distribution of the A/B tests
If you feel that 1 version is better than the other version. Then? With our A/B testing tool, you can run uneven tests by sending more traffic to one page. Therefore, you do not have to harm the performance just because of that you are testing.

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