The Truth About Being A Digital Nomad in Beirut, Lebanon in 2022 (Why You Should + 7 Tips)

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In this video, we share with you a bit about our daily life in Beirut, Lebanon, and Lebanon in general as digital nomads. Our goal is to give you an idea of some of the things to be prepared for, as well as, to explain why you’d want to visit Lebanon.

As you likely know, the country has been through its share of hard times, ranging from economic crises, civil unrest, and the Beirut Blast; however, life beyond and outside of these challenges can be beautiful here.

In this video, you’ll find out the 7 truths about being a digital nomad in Lebanon, along with tips for how to succeed during your time in the country.

0:00 Introduction
1:39 First Truth + Tip #1
2:20 Second Truth + Tip #2
3:00 Third Truth + Tip #3
3:57 Fourth Truth + Tip #4
4:15 Fifth Truth + Tip #5
4:43 Sixth Truth + Tip #6
6:00 Seventh Truth + Tip #7
7:08 Is It Worth It?

This is video #11 of the Lebanon playlist, which you can find here:

In future videos, we will continue showing you places around Lebanon, the Middle East, and eventually, the world. Additionally, the content you’ll see on The Remote Traveller will teach you how to:

* Run profitable Etsy shops
* Work remotely as a content writer, copywriter, and SEO specialist
* Develop apps for passive income (without coding skills)
* Run a book publishing company

….all based on our collective experiences.

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