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Today we announce the much-awaited launch of Finology One. Due to technical issues on our part, the launch got postponed beyond the promised date, i.e., 27-08-2021.

It was disheartening for our teams who poured their heart and soul into the products, and even for our present customers, as well as the 60,000 new customers who registered for the early access to Finology One. We sincerely apologize for the delay caused, but we resolved to offer our customers world-class products. Sadly enough, we lack resources, unlike the well-funded unicorns. This sometimes disrupts our schedules, but not our earnest virtues.

We invest all our resources in making the products better, rather than its marketing, because we value you. Moreover, we are assured that if the products appeal to you, you will help us grow with word of mouth. Our products are just as good, or rather, better than most market giants’ because, unlike them, we are focused on serving you and not our investors. And we refuse to associate with Venture Capitalists because we don’t want to lose our customer focus.

So, today is a big day for us. Our small team and big hearts are incredibly thankful to have you onboard as we embark upon a new journey. Allow us to devote Finology One to you in all sincerity. We promise to serve you admirably. FINOLOGY ONE IS NOW LIVE!

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