High Fixed Returns upto 13% in Short Term Investment with Trade Cred | Invoice Discounting Explained

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Invoice Discounting Explained in Hindi with a TradeCred Live Demo. Retail investors looking for short term, low risk and high returns investment options that avoid Share Market risks have to look no further. Let’s discuss one of the best short term investing options, Invoice Discounting with the help of TradeCred Platform.
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Time Stamps:
00:00 – Intro
02:07 – What is Invoice Discounting?
05:02 – Why Invoice Discounting?
06:30 – How to Invest?
06:42 – Why TradeCred?
07:40 – TradeCred Account Opening Process
09:34 – Adding Funds
09:48 – Withdrawal
10:11 – TradeCred Live Demo
13:05 – Buying Deal on TradeCred
14:06 – Ongoing Deals
14:10 – Deals Requested for Liquidation
14:22 – Liquidated Deals
14:25 – Completed Deals
14:31 – Sell Order on TradeCred
15:14 – How to Add Nominee
16:26 – Major Risks of Invoice Discounting
16:59 – Risk Mitigation Measures
About the Video:
Every investment comes with a certain amount of risk attached with it. Be it stock market, mutual funds, Fixed deposits (FD), Provident fund (EPF, PPF) etc. Many people, therefore, refrain from entering into the share market to avoid the high risk and high return phenomenon as they cannot afford to lose. Therefore, when it comes to low risk and high return investment options, people think there isn’t much to look out for. Most of us even forget about Invoice discounting or bill discounting as a lucrative and safe investment with high returns. The reason to this is that back in time, it wasn’t easily available to the retail investor on his fingertips. However now it is. Now, not only banks, HNIs but also people like us, a common retail investor, can easily do so through the readily available invoice discounting apps.
Today’s video looks into the aspect of a much safer investment option available to the retail investor in the modern day called Invoice Discounting. One of the best investment options to look out for while avoiding stock market risk and still making high returns. For a safe short-term investment, we’ll look at how this is a good option for even a small retail investor. Let’s understand what is invoice discounting or bills discounting, haw can we so do through TradeCred App and how can we look out and mitigate the risks involved in it.

In this video, we have explained:
1. Invoice Discounting Explained.
2. Why to consider invoice discounting as an investment option?
3. How to avoid market related risks with invoice discounting?
4. Invoice discounting process flow.
5. How to invest in invoice discounting?
6. TradeCred – How to use?
7. Investing with TradeCred.
8. What are the risks of invoice discounting?
9. TradeCred Live Demo.
10. Safe investment options for 2021 with low risk and high returns.
11. What is the TradeCred minimum investment limit?
12. Best invoice discounting app.

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